The concept of owning a startup is gaining popularity worldwide, and everyone thinks of running their own business. People feel a lot of pressure while simultaneously handling family and professional lives. On-demand home services are emerging as a great help for making our lives more comfortable and stress-free.

On-demand home services help you manage your daily chores through your smartphone, from groceries to laundry to babysitting. This innovation has opened many opportunities for young entrepreneurs to kickstart their startups. Here is a detailed explanation of the top On-demand home services startup ideas for you. Head down to learn about them to make a wise decision.

Service-Based Businesses Are Booming!

Home services and food delivery applications solve the significant problems faced by the customers and earn healthy remuneration. These services are booming daily, with a projected hit of $1,574.86 billion between 2020-2024. The market for on-demand services is valued at $600 billion in the USA alone, with a CAGR of 70% projected by 2025.

On-demand startup ideas have reached the heights of popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, with most millennial users. These home-based services have added great comfort to people’s lives during those challenging situations. When it comes to identifying the primary audience of these services and applications, the HBR report states that 49% of on-demand service users are millennials. In comparison, 30% of users are aged between 35-54.

Are you looking for an idea to be the boss of your startup? There are plenty of options. Selecting the best fit for you can be overwhelming. Therefore we have picked the top startup ideas for 2022.

What are On-Demand or Home-Based Services Applications?

Modern technologies and smartphone access have made it easy for these businesses to grow; a robust and user-friendly application is necessary. These services exist in the You might be wondering what home service or on-demand application is? As the name refers, on-demand means an application that provides demanding services to the customers at their doorstep. You can rely on home-based applications to enjoy these services while sitting at home.

These handyman applications serve as the platform for the service provider and the customers. Both parties can interact with each other through the app, saving more time and effort. Are you interested in turning your next big idea into reality? Get it done by highly skilled on-demand solution developers at CodesOrbit.

Best On-Demand StartUp Ideas of 2022

There’s a lot of buzz around the world this year about on-demand startup ideas. On-demand service apps might be the best option for entrepreneurs looking for a business idea.

Who doesn’t like to get daily products and services without going out; in the comfort of their home? Generally, man is a lazy being, and he would choose the most convenient method of fulfilling his needs.

The right idea for your business and providing top-notch services to your customers will pay you back as a successful business, which is the crucial principle of on-demand product or service-based startups.

Let’s learn together about the most demanding service-based Startup Ideas of 2022.

1. Food Delivery Services Application

Food is an obsession for many, and you cannot restrict a person from enjoying their favorite food. Even in the worst situations of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have enjoyed the lip-smacking foods in their homes due to food delivery services.

The Food Industry has been revolutionized with this online ordering software and solutions. Mobile applications launched by various brands have made it easy for customers to get hot and fresh food delivered to their homes. You can place your order using the food delivery apps, or via a restaurant, food delivery service will be the medium of serving you that food right at your home or office.

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Thinking of jumping into the Food Industry with a bang, then on-demand food delivery applications are the right choice to start a new startup. Are you worried about how to begin this process? Then take clues from top-rated applications like UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, etc.? Figure out the must-haves of the application and then try to add some unique features to it.

A key to making your business successful is to grab the user’s attention by providing quality services with user-friendly interfaces, a plethora of secure payment options, and a customer support system. At CodesOrbit, we strive for quality and client satisfaction while developing on-demand food delivery apps. You can get clone applications like UberEats or Zomato with fully tailored and enhanced features for standing out in this growing marketplace.

2. Beauty Services Applications

In this fast-paced world, quality time is scarce, and no one wants to waste that time while waiting for their turn at salons. However, self-care is also essential, and you must take care of yourself while fulfilling other responsibilities. Thanks to technology, most brands have now integrated their services into online platforms for convenient and comfortable services.

Quality on-demand beauty services are now a need, and if you are looking for a great startup idea, this can serve as a golden ticket for you. These home-based beauty services have gained popularity in the USA and other countries. Then what are you waiting for? Start investing in an on-demand beauty service application and providing self-care at home.

3. Grocery Delivery Applications

On-demand grocery delivery apps are gaining immense popularity these days, as everyone needs hassle-free shopping for their needs. These software solutions like Instacart have made people’s lives easy, and one can get everything from kitchen items to medicines to clothes or other items without moving an inch.

If you are looking for the next significant venture? Then grocery delivery services can be an overwhelming option. The market is overgrowing, and with quality services, you can quickly build your identity.

4. Transportation Services Applications

Moving from one place to another or within a city can be tiring and irritating for people, but not anymore with modern traveling and transportation apps. On-demand transportation apps like Uber and Careen have made it easy to room around the city.

If you are thinking of starting a new startup, personal transportation applications are in great demand. You can add unique features and help customers plan their intercity trips with a tap of their fingers.

5. Housekeeping Services Applications

All of you will agree that handling all the house chores alone can be very tiring and time-consuming for an individual. A little bit of support from a reliable person can help in this scenario. As every other service is getting digitized, customers are now approaching different home service providers through modern applications.

Are you looking for a new venture? Then the housekeeping industry has excellent potential for you. You can either go for full fledge home cleaning services or provide only one service like laundry, dishwashing, etc. These on-demand solutions can make the house helping search process very easy for the users.

6. Dog Walking Services

If you are a dog lover and you feel that you can make the dog owner’s and caretaker’s life easy, then on-demand dog walking services are the talk of the town nowadays. You must provide a secure, robust, and trustworthy platform to both the dog owner and caretaker with separate dashboards for one-stop management.

These trending applications cater to the everyday needs of human beings and animals. Dog walking services keep dogs happy by letting them enjoy their walk with trustworthy people.

7. Gardening or Lawn Landscaping Services

You might be thinking, who will hire a person for setting their lawn or gardening? Then here are some exciting figures for you. According to Statista, lawn landscaping or home-based gardening services have great customer potential, with a whopping market of $111.8 billion alone in the United States.

Therefore gardening services platform can be a great venture for you if planned properly. You can offer premium quality services for gardening or landscaping across different niches or specific ones. One of the significant success facts is having a solid business plan while launching any startup or business.

8. Plumbing Services

Those times are gone when you have to run after a plumber or wait a lot for your trustworthy plumber to come and fix your running taps or leaking pipes. One can easily book an online plumber through digital apps with taps on the screens.

On-demand plumbing services are attracting more customers, and the home maintenance market is worth investing in if you are planning to invest in a startup. The United States alone spends $600 billion on repairing and maintenance of homes. Therefore, it’s high time to launch your plumbing service application with critical booking and tracking features.

9. Home Shifting/Home Removal Services

Shifting homes is never an easy process, and people need the assistance of companies or service providers to pack and move their belongings safely to a new place. There were times when limited options were present, and choosing the best fit was easy.

You can opt for a home shifting application for your next startup Idea, where you can gather top agencies or service providers having specialities in packing and moving things. This platform will be a centralized hub where customers can book or hire a team to ensure their items are safely packed and moved.

10. BabySitting Services

Parents having professional careers always bear the stress of leaving their children alone at home or with unprofessional caretakers. On-demand babysitting services connect parents with experienced babysitters, nancy, or caretakers. Parents can hire permanent babysitters or hourly-based caretakers for their children to look after.

Babysitting applications attract a great audience. If you have a solid business plan, you can opt for this Idea with unique features of testing the credibility of the caretakers. So that parents can build trust in you and hire a professional babysitter for their little one.

11. Vehicle Repair & Wash Services

It is essential to have regular maintenance and repair of broken parts to prolong the vehicle’s life. In contrast, a mechanic can increase his customers by providing services at home.

Vehicle maintenance apps can be of great help. Both parties can easily connect, customers can schedule the bookings for their vehicle, and automotive mechanics accept the relevant bookings and reach the exact location on time.

It would be an excellent idea for your next startup; all you have to do is build a centralized hub for all vehicle-related services. So users can book all types of vehicle-related services with a few taps of fingers.

12. Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning Services

HVAC services are in all-time demand and come under the basic needs of every home. If you are low on investments with outstanding HVAC installments and maintenance skills, then this is the best business you can start right from your home.

All you need is a license for your cutting-edge skills and tools for repairing, installing and maintaining these systems. However, suppose you have solid business knowledge and combine HVAC service providers and customers. In that case, you can also set up an on-demand HVAC application.

13. Health Care Services

On-demand health care services have been grabbing customers’ attention for the past few years, primarily due to the COVID pandemic. Users can now book doctor’s appointments through online platforms. Meanwhile, some platforms provide options for appointing professional nursing staff, medicine delivery, and other medical equipment right at the door.

This market is increasing, and you may want to consider a startup that will take advantage of this.

14. Pest Control Services

Clean homes don’t mean they are pest-free, and there are many generations of pests in your house. Every homeowner should consider regular pesticide control for several reasons. Pests can damage property and pose health risks.

On-demand pest control services can help everyone, where users can appoint pest control teams or agencies to thoroughly clean their houses, offices, apartments, and other buildings.

You can attract a broader audience with a one-step solution of finding and managing pest control service providers.

15. Home Painting Services

The appearance of your house reflects your personality. You can reveal much about your character in designing and painting your home. However, many people don’t know the perfect color combination, and they need assistance in selecting the colors and getting them done accordingly.

On-demand home painting services make finding an experienced and reliable house painter easy. This can be a great idea if you plan to start a new business. You can help the users view, select, and reserve the best painter for painting their dream house.

Wrapping Up

It’s a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs to come up with mobile app startup ideas that will provide a convenient solution to one of the essential requirements since most people rely exclusively on smartphones and mobile applications for their everyday lives.

Considering the immense popularity of on-demand apps clone, making the one a startup is viable and will surely benefit you. Now that you have an on-demand app idea in mind, it is time to turn your on-demand app into a successful startup.

Tell us about your application idea, and our team of full-stack iOS and android app developers will help you turn it into a reality. Contact us now!