Choosing a mobile app development company is a sensitive task. Whether it is an on-demand mobile app, web app, gaming app, or any app you need for your business or your client’s business, you have to be extra picky.

The relationship is likely to prolong. Think of it as hiring the crew to build your new house. The story will not end too soon. So triple-check mobile app development companies before signing the contract.

Why Would You Need Mobile App Development Company?

When IT is not your core business, it is better to outsource IT projects. It is much more cost-effective than building an in-house team. The reason is, in most scenarios, you do not need them full-time unless mobile app development is your major business. It makes no sense to pay full-time to someone who will work for you part-time.

Many people tend to think that outsourcing is only for enterprises, which is incorrect. Thinking it would be too expensive, many startup owners build in-house teams which on the contrary, consume more resources.

“A Deloitte Survey from 2016 shows that 59% of companies think finding a software company for app development is better than building an in-house team. 57% said that it allows them to focus more on their core business area.”

Other than cost-effectiveness, some major perks of hiring mobile app development companies are high-quality services, and more time resources to focus on the core business niche.
Quality is top-notch because the core expertise of those companies is mobile app development. Their staff specializes in Java and other android app development frameworks.

Back in 2018, the global mobile app development market was valued at $106.27 billion. Expectations have it that by 2026, it will jump to $407.31 billion.

Things To Do Before You Find a Mobile App Development Company?

We now understand the significance of hiring a mobile app development company. It is time to go through the step-by-step process of how to hire one.

But here are two things to do before that.

  1. First and foremost, you must figure out your needs. It has to be done before you start searching for the right fit. Document the requirements, goals, and the desired look and functionality of your mobile app. Also, brainstorm about your target audience. What kind of people are they? What are their pain points? In a nutshell, you have to define their problem and devise the solution in the form of your product.
    This planning will help you land your exact match. It will serve the mobile app development company as a blueprint to work on.
    One other thing to find out is if you need a complete project or minimum viable product. Abbreviated as MVP, the minimum viable product is the shorter version of your product with very limited features. You can go for the final product if MVP receives considerably positive feedback from the target audience.
  2. The second step is competitor analysis. How your competitors are solving the same problem, and what innovation you can add to that. Based on data obtained from market research, a good mobile app development company will help you decide on the platform and the design. They will help you come up with your unique value proposition.UVP covers three basic aspects. The first is how your product solves the problem of the target audience. Second is the list of benefits the potential customers can expect. Third and last is why they should reject the competitor’s product and select yours.
  3. Decide if you are going with a fixed-price model or time and material-based project. In the former, you decide the price from the beginning and it does not change, no matter if the project goes on as per expectations or not. It is a poor choice. Often you do not have any exact mockups, user specifications, and a project plan. The latter approach is better for such scenarios. You decide the daily or hourly wages. In the end, both parties agree upon the calculated bill. While enterprises also should avoid fixed-price models, it could be perilous for startups.

How to Find Mobile App Development Company

Now, how to actually find the company that suits your needs. There are several possible methods. We all know about word of mouth and google searches. Let us enlist four big online communities where you can find good mobile app development companies.

  1. The first one is Clutch. Here, you can select from a global ranking of mobile application development companies. Portfolios and customer reviews about each company are also available. 
  2. Appfutura lets you connect with freelance mobile app developers and companies. The platform simplifies the search process for hiring the best designers and developers.
  3. Dribble is a great online community to pick up good companies. Companies show their designs in galleries, and you can pick the one whose aesthetics appeal to you.
  4. LinkedIn is also a great resource.

How To Choose a Mobile App Development Company?

Of course, you can land up at thousands of companies when you use the mentioned websites, and listen to your friend circle. The real trick lies in the selection process, which has to be very wise.

How to choose is more critical than where to find it.

Here are a few parameters to judge if a certain mobile app development company is worth hiring.

  • Technological Expertise

Up-to-the-mark technological skills are something you should never compromise on.

Ask their approach and ensure that it suits your project requirements. Yes, different developers or companies may have different approaches. Here are the three common approaches.

The first approach is native development. For Android, it uses Java or Kotlin, and for iOS Swift or Objective-C.

Then comes Hybrid Development, which is the combination of native and web applications. These apps run in various browsers.

The third is cross-platform development. It is done using React Native.

Depending on the type of project, different approaches can be used. Native development is the best choice when apps are to be used in the long-term, for example, on-demand apps.

Cross-platform development is appropriate for gaming apps.

Today we live in the era of specialization. A company that specializes in your required niche will make an ideal partner.

Two more things you must ask about their app testing processes, and security processes.

Testing allows the developers to catch the errors fast.

The utmost importance of security needs no introduction. It has to be a top priority. Your ideal app development company will be the one that has experience with vulnerability testing and sophisticated encryption algorithms. The more sensitive customer data your app works on, the more you should be careful about security.

  • Industry Understanding & Domain Expertise

That leads us to the second point. Your ideal software development company should know the industry your app is going to work in. Also, it has to have some domain expertise of the kind of app you are going to build in.

Do you want to make a gaming app? The vendor who has made many gaming apps before will be an ideal partner.

Or maybe you want to make an on-demand food delivery app. Then your perfect partner is the one with the solid experience and sound knowledge of on-demand apps. Moreover, they should also be well-versed in the food industry.

If they know the industry well, they will also provide valuable information about your target audience. They will help you come up with better unique selling points, as they know your customers better than you.

Also, their understanding of IT has to be extra high. They must know about eCommerce, SaaS businesses, and different platform types such as B2B and B2C.

  • Positive References & Solid Portfolio

This is self-explanatory.

Read their reviews on social media. Ask how many of their customers returned with more work. Check the ratings left by previous clients.

Also, scrutinize their portfolio. The success stories and case studies that prove the track record of high-quality apps delivered are a good sign.

  • Good Communication Processes

Communication is key in business partnerships. There are a variety of team members with unique roles in mobile app development. For example, BAs, PMs, Software Developers, UI/UX Designers, and QA Specialists.

They all must have great communication skills, otherwise, performance will be at stake. Problem is that the soft skills of someone are difficult to estimate without working with them.

Establishing efficient communication with external development teams from day one is imperative. Perfect partners are the ones who can clearly articulate their expectations from you and elaborate on what should be your expectations from them.

There are two things you should not forget to check.
Ask if they use SCRUM or agile development processes. 80% of teams work in the former and have daily meetings and standups.

Are they using the process management tools that you use? If yes, they will be an ideal partner.

Three Dangerous Signs

Beware if your partner shows any of these behaviors. Reconsider your choice if you have selected them. If you have not made a choice yet, good for you.

  • They offer ridiculously low costs. This is a deadly trap you should avoid. Will you buy Amazon products at pathetically low prices? Of course, you won’t because you know they will break in a month or two. The same is the case with mobile app development companies.
    In most cases, cheap prices mean two things. Code is poorly written, and you do not have its ownership. Both will make you pay high in the later stages.

  • They say yes to everything. It shows they are desperate for work.

  • They claim to be experts at every technology. It is humanly impossible. Something definitely is fishy.

What to Do After You Have Found A Software Development Company

After you find the desired company, do not rush into immediate hiring. Three issues can arise after the delegation.

  • There always is a fear of not meeting the expected standards. To avoid loss of control, have a sound and concrete legal contract that makes them liable to provide. Make sure that the contract addresses your every single concern.

  • Your other genuine concern could be losing your data to competitors. Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your intellectual property.

Putting It All Together

A professional mobile app development company is always ready to show progress, understands your industry, has the expertise on required technologies, and is ready for post-development support. It will take some time and effort to find one, but it is rewarding.