Do you think that website is the only online form your business needs? Let’s assume your response is Yes.

That answer would have made perfect sense five or six years ago. Today, the scenario is different. Smartphones have taken over the entire world. Yes, the world wide web is still important, but so is the mobile app world.

Today, more than half of online traffic comes from mobile phones. The trend of online shopping from mobile apps is swiftly replacing that of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. So much so, that the term eCommerce is now synonymous with m-commerce! (using mobile for sale and purchase)

Cutting it short, an eCommerce business needs a mobile app to survive. If your customers cannot find a mobile application for your business, it means you are missing out on a HUGE chunk of paying customers..

40% of e-commerce purchases during the holiday season of 2018 were made via mobile phones.

So, let’s say you want to create an eCommerce app for your business now. What should be the core features? What should be something unique you can add to your app? While you can go for a plethora of advanced features as per your niche, there are a few essential features every successful eCommerce app should have.

1. Self-Intuitive Registration Process To Retain Users

No one likes to fill out lengthy forms. The registration process that is simple and easy to understand is paramount for sales. Just put the utmost required fields. Your app only has a few moments to hook up consumers.

The best way to do that is when users can sign-up with one click!

2. Numerous Payment Options That Ensure Smooth Checkout

The primary culprit behind the dangerously high cart abandonment rate is the limited number of payment options. When the customers do not see their preferred payment mode at checkout time, they leave.

Some like cash on delivery, and some prefer to pay using credit cards to build loyalty points. Make sure to integrate multiple payment options that are safe and secure.

3. Simple Navigation System That Provides Product Filtering and Sorting Options

The attention span of the user, and the size of the mobile screen, both are short. A navigation system that makes finding relevant products easy within this limited space is a mandatory feature for a top-quality eCommerce app.

Every product must be associated with a brand, have a category, and have a sub-category or in other words, have essential information present right with the product in a nice and clean way. Users will keep returning if they can easily find their desired items.

4. E-commerce Analytics System to Track & Measure the Performance of App

This is something your customers do not care about, but you as a seller cannot afford to not care about it.

What is the primary purpose behind putting in the best efforts in providing the best user experience? It is definitely to earn revenue. Analytics is critical to figure out the strategies that work and the strategies that do not work. You need to know everything about buying patterns and consumer behaviors.

Integrate an appropriate analytics tool into your eCommerce app so you can figure out the crucial metrics and add to the profitability of your business. Some imperative parameters are session time, cost of conversion, click-through rate, etc. If this is something that lies outside your skillset, hire a professional and have them guide you.

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5. Appealing Push Notifications That Drive Sales

Incorporate attractive and appealing push notifications to maximize sales. Their design should provide value to users and engage them.

Send notifications about fresh arrivals, amazing discounts, and festive deals. Provide intelligent discounts on items that lay on their cart. Try to make the best of circumstances. For example, weather-based notifications or any national event-based notifications could work.

Do not use cliche promotions. It will annoy consumers.

Push notifications receive more promotion than any other way.

6. Offline System to Save Runaway Users From Poor Signal Areas

What is more frustrating than being unable to browse that alluring eCommerce store that features your favorite products just because of poor connection/signals?

Think about developing offline mechanisms that please users in a strong enough way to make them visit again as soon as they have coverage.

7. Efficient Feedback System To Protect Brand Image

The costs of negative feedback multiply when there is no holistic feedback system. Use an effective feedback system that allows your users to report all kinds of their issues.

Consumers are not detail-oriented when it comes to the sign-up process. But when they are reporting an issue, they wish to express every little aspect as comprehensively as possible. Provide them with detailed feedback forms to understand their pain points and frustrations. Sending extensive survey forms via e-mail is a common method.

Also, provide them quick access to customer support. It would change the game if they could contact you quickly. You can set up efficient customer service accounts on social media that feature live chat options.

8. Straight-forward Customer Journey That Increases Conversions

The user experience must make the buying journey as easy as possible. Your consumers won’t hesitate to switch to your competitor if there are unbearable delays.

Improve the search functionality with the help of features like autocomplete suggestions, voice search, and search history. An indelible user experience that grabs their attention and quickly passes them through the buying journey is a must-have.

9. Smart Personalization In Form of Product Recommendations

Do you want to increase your eCommerce sales up to 15%? The right personalized recommendations can do that. Email campaigns that send personalized recommendations provide outstanding results.

Adding the username while displaying the list of recommended products gives them the unforgettable feeling of being liked and remembered.
Personalize as many aspects as possible – This is a 0 risk, all reward policy.

10. Order Summary & Status That Keeps Them Informed

We all want an easy-to-understand summary of our orders, even when we are shopping physically. Every eCommerce app is incomplete without this essential feature.
The customer wants to reconsider and confirm before making the final payment. Also, there should be a mechanism to keep them informed about the status of an order after purchasing. We can use push notifications to let them know if the item has been shipped, or what date they should expect, etc.

The Final Verdict

Yes, with the boom of eCommerce new opportunities are emerging every other day. But do not forget that the competition is also increasing exponentially. Apart from putting all these essential features in your app, you should also think about entering the right market at the right time.