Stay Ahead of the game: The Latest Software Development Technologies

Given a tremendous comeback after the volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 was the IT industry rebound year & we have witnessed the digitization and virtualization of different industry niches and organizations.

One can not restrict the growth boundaries of tech innovations because technology is unstoppable. From a one-ton machine storing 3.5 megabytes of data to an SD card storing 2 terabytes of data, weighing only 2 grams, to 15 minutes for trunk calls to one second for a global call, the progress has been amazing. From thinking about which software technologies will dominate in 2022 to reading this article highlighting software development trends & technologies, people should look for in 2023, welcome to another year of tech advancements.

Incorporating software into traditional business practices is a hard-earned innovation. Thanks to the pandemic, business owners have realized that their role will not stay the same in this contactless world tomorrow & one must stay up to date with emerging software development processes and tools to outshine their competitors.

In addition, for students, IT professionals, or anyone looking to enhance their skill set, 2023-2024 will be the year of constant learning, unlearning, & relearning. Well, you must do it out of necessity, if not desire.

To help you keep up with rapid technological advancements, we’ve outlined the top software technologies you should pay attention to in 2023. Head down to see which skill set will help you excel in your career or what you will look for while hiring a new developer.

However, before you dive into that, find out how the software industry fared and what its future holds for it.

Overview Of The Global IT industry: How It Has Performed & What Future Holds?

The advent of the first-ever software, the moniker “Baby,” led to the launch of all software in the world’s history. From the first stored-program computer to inventing VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet software, to managing an organization’s data with a few clicks, software innovations have blown our minds. Off course, it all happened because we were spending some budget on it, be it individually or through organizations/government.

According to Statista, Global IT spending in 2022 was 4.43 trillion and is expected to reach 4.66 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023. Enterprise software to remain responsible for 40% of all software spending by 2028.

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Investments, in turn, bring revenues, and the software industry players have been enjoying great numbers. The graph below shows the total revenue growth of the software market from 2016-2028.

Statista report revealed that:

  • The total revenue of the software industry was approximately US$593.40bn in 2022. Out of which, US$237.10bn was contributed by enterprise software.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 6.50%, resulting in a market volume of US$812.90bn by 2027.
  • While in a global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$297.10bn in 2022).

Geographic Contribution Stats Revealed!

According to globenewswire, “ Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest contributor to growth in the software market, due to rapid economic development in countries like China.” The “Made in China 2025″ initiative drives investment in the enterprise segment.

In addition, the North American software market is also expected to grow significantly. It will remain the largest revenue contributor to the global market due to the continued adoption of cloud-based services by businesses of all sizes.

Cloud computing enables businesses to reduce their IT costs and improve agility, making it an increasingly popular choice for companies looking to invest in new technology & it is expected that cloud-based software will account for 47% of all enterprise software spending by 2028, surpassing enterprise applications.

Briefly analyzing these stats will help you understand that economy will keep being influenced by transparency, agility, customization, and intelligent thinking. More and more companies have realized the significance of digitalization in an ever-changing business environment. They are always looking to adopt new trends & technologies to stay one step ahead.

Are you curious about which technology will be in demand in the future, or do you want hands-on experience with emerging technologies? This blog is for you. Let’s dig deep into what we have covered in the top 12 trending software development technologies in 2023.

1. Cloud Computing Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic made remote work the “new normal,” making companies realize the growing need for business availability, data recovery, and high accessibility of servers and data. This gave birth to cloud computing technologies and services.

Cloud computing is considered a commercial data center for any organization, and the demand for cloud-based solutions is increasing daily. This rapid growth might be the end of on-premise infrastructure. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have already raised the software development bar high with their efficient solutions.

One of the key benefits of using cloud services is you only pay for what you are using. In addition to that, embracing Cloud technology provides several options for on-demand application development. For instance, you can either have a cloud-enabled, cloud-based, or cloud-native application designed according to your client’s needs.

2. Internet of Things

IoT seems to be ubiquitous as every single thing is attached to sensors, from ordinary mobile devices to electronics at your home to vehicles. Helping in monitoring and data gathering, but the truth is we’re not nearly there yet.

In fact, IoT Analytics continues to predict steady growth as the future for IoT for years to come, with more than 27 billion devices online by 2025.

The Internet of Things has made its mark as one of the most significant developments in the computing industry. The rise of smart city solutions & COVID-19-like virus is rolling out IoT projects. Meanwhile, as cities become tech hubs, 5G and edge computing technologies can be leveraged to push data mining to the next level.

If someone asks you which technology will be a trend in next 5 years? One of the names on the list will be IoT.

3. Progressive Web Apps

A completely new way to interact with mobile users. It is a combination of a website & a mobile application. In a nutshell, PWAs are handy to use as it is a website that looks and functions like mobile application.

Tech giants like Google & Adobe are the biggest investors of PWAs in 2022 and are getting unlimited benefits from them. With features like ease of development, promptness, high responsiveness, and access feasibility through any browser, location, and even on low connection, Progressive Web Apps are becoming a valuable asset for software companies. Furthermore, it is a cost & time-efficient solution, reducing the time and effort used to create iOS and Android apps separately.

Surprisingly we are using PWAs daily without knowing them. Apps like Twitter, Uber Web, Flipboard, Google Maps, & Google Photos are all Progressive Web apps.

4. RANP – The Powerhouse Of Software Development

You might be thinking, what is RANP? It is a set of extensively used programming languages in the software industry and will stay on the list of emerging technologies as they’re editable and easy to write.

  • React Js

If you have hands-on experience with JavaScript frameworks, then React is for you. Less code, reusable components, & ease of implementing virtual DOM provides enhanced performance of applications. Widely used for creating intuitive user interfaces and web applications promptly and efficiently.

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  • Angular

Backed by Google, it is also referred to as “Angular 2+,” capable of enduring heavy workloads and frameworks like video streaming. It provides an efficient way to handle routings, giving it an edge over other front-end frameworks. Perfect choice for building SPAs, or you can create compelling & interactive UIs for web & mobile applications.

  • Node Js

According to the stack overflow survey of 2022, Node.js was at the top of the list of most used web frameworks & technologies. With 47.12% of total users worldwide, it is considered a go-to framework for fast and scalable networking applications.

Leveraging Node, developers can easily create server-side web applications. Moreover, it is based on an asynchronous, event-driven model, making it a perfect fit for data-intensive applications.

  • Python

It is a high-level & object-oriented language that is easy to learn and relatively intuitive to write and understand. Python’s thriving community, versatility, & simpler syntax makes it an ideal coding language for those who want rapid development.

Widely used for backend development of websites & in machine learning and data science projects. Tech Giants like NASA, Google, Netflix, Spotify, and many others are embracing Python benefits.

5. Blockchain

Since its release in 2008, Blockchain has been mind-blowing. 2022 was the year of this cutting-edge technology, and it will continue to disrupt the online marketplace. Some sought-after industries like finance, supply chain, and healthcare widely use blockchain services.

Besides offering tamper-proof transactions and data storage over a vast network, this high-tech technology brings security, transparency, promptness, and low software development costs, making it an architecture that every industry needs.

You might be familiar with Blockchain due to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, but it goes far beyond it. Gartner forecasts that the business value generated by blockchain will grow rapidly, reaching $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030.

6. Hybrid App Development

As a developer, creating multiple apps for the same project is hard and time-consuming. Thanks to Hybrid app development, there is no need to do that. Instead, you can create your application once & then deploy it across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, & Windows.

Hybrid apps have gained momentum and immense popularity in 2022 and are now making buzz worldwide. Few major players have already adopted this concept & launched their apps, including Facebook, Baskin-Robbins, Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram.

7. Artificial Intelligence & ML

There were times when we were curious to know what fifth-generation computers would look like, & now we are living it. AI has evolved quickly and almost exploded over the last five years. The global artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $118.6 billion by 2025.

From human-like robots thinking & performing activities like humans to AI Chatbots replacing human assistance & revolutionizing customer services to using Machine Learning in native mobile application development to enhance user experience, AI & ML have reduced human involvement in almost everything & made it less prone to errors.

Remember, AI software products & solutions aren’t just a ‘trend’ anymore. In fact, it is a dominant force in today’s technological world.

8. Low Code Development

Low-code development is the next software development trend that will rule 2023. No need to develop your application line by line. Instead, use an LCDP and create an intuitive & flawless application without bearing the hassle of manual coding.

You might think, what is LCDP?

A Low Code Development Platform is a solution that provides an easy-to-understand GUI to develop websites without spending much budget.

In short, an app development method that elevates coding from textual to visual.

Besides bringing advancement in the software development process and increasing the development speed of software solutions, It simplifies the expenses of various premium tools & programming languages.

Appian, Mendix, Microsoft PowerApps, Query Serge, Power BI, Docker, & Squarespace are some of the key examples of Low to no-code development platforms.

9. Virtual & Augmented Reality

According to Statista, AR/VR market will earn $13.8 billion in revenues for 2022 and grow to $50.9 billion in 2026, with a five-year compound growth rate of 32.3%. AR & VR have experienced a major boom from 2019-2022.

VR is actually a 3D virtual experience that immerses you in a different world. While AR enhances that environment. Among the industries that have adopted VR are automobiles, video games, navigation, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Statista report revealed that social media apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and, most recently, TikTok, set a milestone in using augmented reality in the consumer sector. In addition, Pokémon Go, one of the most famous augmented reality apps, reached the pinnacle of AR gaming with more than 600 million downloads.

Furthermore, VR has also been used for training other than games. VirtualShip is a simulation software that trains U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard ship captains.

10. Outsourcing

IT outsourcing sector is the biggest contributor to revenue in the IT Services market, with US$361 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach US$587.3 billion by 2027.

Outsourcing, in simple words, is, hiring a third-party team or individual to develop products or offer services on your behalf for a comparatively lesser amount.

Businesses and organizations are adopting this emerging trend to focus on their core operations & save internal resources. There might be the case they need technology experts that can help them in creating market-leading products while saving space and other costs.

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11. DevOps & DevSecOps

Putting things simply, DevOps helps software developers and IT teams connect and work on the project together. DevOps will rule the software development process as it has a vital impact on project successful completion & help the company achieve its goals.

If you are looking for a high-paying job in DevOps, then companies including Amazon, Netflix, Target, Walmart, Meta, Etsy, and Adobe are on the hiring spree for DevOps engineers.

DevSecOps is a short form of development, security, and operations that automates security integration throughout the entire software development process.

Combining these three foundational teams together produce fast, accurate, and highly secure outcomes for any product development.

DevOps and DevSecOps provide excellent opportunities for enterprises and businesses to integrate tightly and grow!

12. Big Data

Have you ever thought about how Facebook knows you want to buy a pair of sneakers? or how Netflix recommends movies according to your taste? It’s due to Big Data. There were times when data was used only for experiments, but now it’s compulsory to flourish in the industry.

Data has become a powerful tool for companies and startups around the world. Consider Netflix. Using big data, it has built its whole credibility around understanding what its customers want.

But it’s not that simple. The public knows how much of its data is being gathered, so companies that fail to take this obligation seriously will lose the public’s trust. The success of your business is directly proportional to how careful you are about your customer’s data security.

Apache Spark will surely rule the batch-processing frameworks in 2023.

Wrapping Up

There has been rapid technological advancement in recent years. But one thing which has remained constant throughout this time is change. As technology changes every 2-3 years, professionals in the industry must keep up to date to advance quickly.

Tech innovations will keep going from changes in the software development process to emerging programming languages & frameworks to software development trends and practices.

The importance of software solutions for a business’s success, from accounting to healthcare, cannot be overstated. To grow your business rapidly, you must be aware of the software development trends of 2023.

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