Businesses have changed dramatically since a few years ago. With the emergence of technology & innovation, companies and sellers have shifted from traditional handling of sales to indulging in cloud-based POS systems. Not only this, business owners can now keep all their reports and transactions in one place — thanks to this technological shift.

With so many options in the market, Clover is the ideal point-of-sale platform for enterprises looking to expand their POS on and above the traditional form. So, if you are a young blood passionate about running a funky store or a grocery store owner planning to expand your older POS system. In that case, Clover is at your service, streamlining, speeding up, and simplifying the management of your business processes.

However, if you are a newbie to business & need more knowledge about Point-Of-Sale Systems? Here is a clear definition of a POS system for you before jumping into what Clover or Clover App Market is & how this comprehensive solution will quickly transform your business.

POS For Laymen’s Understanding

Imagine you are at a grocery store to pick up snacks for a weekend party. Keeping in mind your friend’s demands, you have selected all the snacks and now standing at the counter to exchange them for cash. That’s the place where you’ll collect all the items and end your transaction, known as POS.

In short, a system used by the counter representative to complete your checkout process from a grocery store is called Point-Of-Sale. An automatic system that helps record all the sales & inventory.

Now that you understand the POS system let’s dive into what Clover or Clover App Market is and how it can help a business.

A Digital Point Of Sale System: Clover App Market

Keeping it simple, it is a digital Point-of-Sale system allowing traditional store owners to convert brick-and-mortar stores into e-com stores or shopping websites. Providing you with a complete shopping experience with effortless order management & all the other services without hassle.

Do you want to set up a new venture or look for one solution that will convert your traditional point-of-sale system into a business hub with a robust digital presence? Then Clover app market is the perfect solution for you. Embrace the cloud-based system and see how it will do wonders for you.

You might be concerned about indulging a cloud-based POS system in your business, but you must do it to stay up-to-date with market practices. Store managers and business owners have responded positively to the inclusion of a digital POS.

To Make Up Your Mind, Consider These Facts

Currently, 61% of fast-food restaurant chains in the US use cloud-based POS systems, and 60% of new sellers need to utilize cloud-based POS in place of conventional POS systems.

According to Research & Market statistics, the global market value of Cloud-based POS will reach $3.73 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 22.7%. This will be a significant shift compared to the market share of 2018, which was $1.34 billion.

Not only restaurant owners but large-scale businesses have also positively responded & almost 52% of enterprise organizations have already converted to cloud-based POS, and 40% are planning to do so.

Although a digital cloud-based point-of-sale system can upscale businesses, here is why you should pick one to make your life easy.

Sterling Features Of Clover App Market

Some of the best features of Cloud-based Clover POS

  • Seamless Integrations

The digital Clover App market offers friction-free engagement with the existing business software. Besides this, it expands its services for seamless third-party integrations that you might need to incorporate with your software soon.

  • User-Friendly Behaviour

An intuitively designed software package that experienced and naive users find easy to use. Effortless to use, Clover App Market, can be installed by any employee of your organization.

  • Real-Time Stock Management

Clover App Market can handle all your store’s products. Furthermore, it gives you a complete picture of what’s happening with inventory, allowing you to respond quickly to supply chain needs.

  • Efficient Payment Support

Clover POS supports a plethora of payment methods, making it easy for you to handle customers’ preferences. You won’t need to integrate any extra apps to assist varied payment needs, let alone the Clover processor manage it for you.

  • Round-the-Clock CRM Services

Cloud-based POS system makes your business more streamlined & organized. It allows you to keep track of your customer data and even aid promotions to improve the likelihood of sales. From gift cards to occasional discounts, the clover app market allows owners to create customized offers to entice customers into purchasing.

  • Employee Tasks Management

The POS system comes with a smooth & effortless employee management feature. From assigning everyday duties to monitoring their activities to giving access to specific resources, manage your employees from one place.

  • Improved Productivity With Parallel Selling

The traditional brick & mortar stores follow one-to-one selling practices, But the Clover app market ensures that no customer should wait in a queue. Multiple selling simultaneously helps improve productivity and cut off the customer’s wait time.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Considering that Clover app Market is a cloud-based system, you might question its credibility. Surprisingly it is always at your back. Clover offers 24/7 & vital support services, helping you resolve issues as soon as possible so that you can carry out all the operations without any hindrance.

That’s just the theoretical aspect of the clover app explained by us. Installing and integrating the system into your traditional business operations will reveal its benefits far beyond what words seem to convey.

However, selecting the best cloud-based POS will be a challenge. Take a look at Clover vs Square’s brief comparison to find the best-fit cloud-based system for your venture.

Ready To Adopt Clover App Market? How It Will Quickly Transform Your Business

After giving a brief overview of the sterling features that Clover App Market offers, learn how it will quickly transform your business. So that the next time when someone asks how? You have some excellent points to tempt them into taking the deal.

From turning your sales into a much-centralized notion to excellent tracking and management capabilities, these critical aspects will help you grow your business while staying up-to-date.

  • Nucleus Of Clover Apps

Clover App Market is a nucleus of thousands of apps designed for specific operations. From quick and error-free billings to efficient task management to an employee support portal, you can perform every single job through its app. In addition to all this clover app market also has inbuilt templates for tracking inventory, customer data integration, and managing shopping cart & own the propensity to expand the traditional store.

  • Save Time & Effort With Software Integration

Time is the key to success, no matter your business level. Clover App market offers seamless integrations of apps, helping you reduce the time and effort involved in performing business operations. From streamlining billing & checking out processes to running analytics and launching loyalty programs for better sales, these apps simply enhance the overall business performance.

Additionally, Clover can be extended to support QuickBooks for improved management. You can save considerable time by automating staffing, payroll management, and task scheduling.

  • Apps That Suit Your Needs

You might think Clover has nothing for your venture, but that’s not true. The Clover app market has something for all.

From FoodKonnekt app that helps restaurant owners promote online orders to the EasyLabel app that fosters shipping options for retailers to a Booking + Clover Mini app beneficial for the spa industry. These apps allow business owners to integrate their business-specific services and design precisely what’s needed.

Still, if you need a Clover application designed & developed according to your needs, CodesOrbit is at your service. Leverage our cutting-edge Clover App Development Services to grow your business while inducing feature-rich applications with your existing POS.

Summing Up

Clover App Market is driving the trend! Every single entity needs this system, from retailers to restaurant owners to SMBs to large-scale organizations. It can handle varied tasks and offer a plethora of apps, each built to suit the requirements of your business.

If you are looking for a feature-rich POS system to restructure the overall management process of your business, the Clover app market is what you are looking for.

But if you want to build a user-friendly, compatible, and efficient Clover POS system for your business, then contact us to hire Clover POS developers. Our in-house team of highly skilled Clover Developers will help you get a highly intuitive, robust, and modern POS app to upgrade your company & outclass competitors.