Mobile App Strategy
Consulting Services

Mobile App Strategy Consulting Services

Mobile App Strategy
Consulting Services

Mobile App Strategy Consulting Services

Mobile App Strategy
Consulting Services

Mobile App Strategy Consulting Services

CodesOrbit is a web app development company that designs the best IT solutions for all your technological needs. We have a hardworking and focused team that strives to give you exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to give our customers high-quality web app development services. We are an enterprise web app development company that caters to businesses from a vast range of industries such as healthcare, education, travel, food (catering and restaurants), etc. We aim to align our services with your business objectives. We guarantee you originality and quality for all our services.

– Team of professionals
– Next-Gen Mobile Apps
– Cost-Effective
– On-time delivery
– A Proven Track Record
– User-centric Solutions

mobile app consulting company
mobile app strategy consulting agency

Get The Right Mobility Strategy For Your Business

– Define & integrate short-term and long-term business objectives
– Mobile ecosystem
– Explore channels to increase profitability
– Solution-oriented architecture design
– Strategizing mobile-app development
– Monetization model
– Marketing & promotion strategies

Our Projects

Limitless ebooks
Ezy Capture

Ezy capture allow you to capture multiple frames. If you need multiple images from a video, you do not need to manually select each frame. You can simply select the Time Capture Mode, choose the duration between capturing intervals, for example 5 seconds, 10 seconds and so on. The app will automatically capture frames from your video at your selected intervals.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Laundry Pal

At LaundryPal, we aim to provide a simple hassle-free way for you to complete laundry and dry cleaning at the comfort of your own home.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

Mjwhrat is a trendsetter in the retail gold industry having above 250 showrooms across GCC. Mjwhrat offers its customers products and services in precious jewellery retail that is unique and offer unmatched value and quality.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

FZ3A is a community platform that connects skilled / unskilled people who want to sell their services/time to individual user/household/businesss.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

Pixsle utilizes face-spotting technology to deliver photos that only you're in. This means instant photo delivery. Imagine an evening out with your friends at a sporting event. Your team scores and everyone leaps from their seats in excitement and celebration. When you return to your seat, you hear a faint chime from your pocket; you’ve got a candid photograph of that very moment, arms raised in victory, to download and share, all without missing a second of the action.

Limitless ebooks
Phone Skope

Phone Skope Camera App gives Wildlife photographers more control over the camera to capture natures’ beauty easily and more precisely. It has smart, attractive and user-friendly features.

Limitless ebooks
Audio Books App

Record stories for bedtime, when you are traveling, or when your toddler wants to be comforted. When you want some alone time while your little one wanting story time. The little one would enjoy listening to their favorite books with the most soothing voice.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Supplier keys

Suppliers Key is an online web-based e-commerce system that aims towards bridging the gap between restaurant owners and wholesalers. The wholesalers can put their items online and the restaurants can order and track different items, using Suppliers Key online portal.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Challenge Now

Play football matches 365 days a year . Meet new teams, create new matches, play matches in new places. A complete football experience packed with exciting features.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

An app to help monitor tha living space of senior citizens to identify and inspect potential hazards and dangers. Keep your elders safe. Download iFallCept

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

WOSIDO is an application for searching and providing various tasks. No matter if you need help or if you want to complete a task. Registration is simple and user-friendly, in order to find someone to help you today.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Abel Cars

An exclusive wholesale vehicle platform designed to cater everything for motor dealers operating in Australia.

Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks
Limitless ebooks

Caroogle is analytics platform for car industry in Australia. It provides business insights to car dealers that help them buy/sell vehicles with maximum possible profits. It also helps in growing business by getting access to bigger market and targeting market more precisely with help of intelligent stats.

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Industries We Serve

We have worked across different industries from Finance to Esports. We have Subject Matter Experts available across
industries to understand your business.

Health Care

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Our Satisfied Clients

Their task documentation was impressive

CodesOrbit helped speed up the development of the project. Their documentation and workflow were effective

Ahmad Chayati

CEO at Exceeders UAE

Great Team

Fahad and his team were great. very responsive. hard working. Completed a complex iOS prototype involving phone numbers, contacts, and photos completed as requested


CEO at Vyng, California, USA

Team is a genius! these guy are amazing

The team is genius! these guys are amazing. We have worked with him for over 1 year now. Fahad and his team are brilliant, down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and creative. They are a valuable member of our team that works on complex projects. When it comes to building databases these guys are ahead of the curve

Bruce Wayne

CEO at armageddon world Atlanta, GA USA

Great Team

Fahad & Codesorbit was professional and easy to work with. They delivered a good product that met the requirements and followed the designs. The team worked hard to get it done on a tight timeline

Max Bailey

CEO at Spoonity Ottawa, Canada

They were understanding and available anytime. They also had great client support

Thanks to CodesOrbit’s support, the client’s project successfully finished in a timely manner. Their responsiveness, adaptability, and flexibility were hallmarks of their work

CTO,, Saudi Arabia

Their desire to assist on a technical and user experience level was invaluable

The project is still in development but the company acknowledges the CodeOrbits team’s efforts and describes their contribution as significant to helping the process reach the end goal. The company is most impressed by the team’s assistance on technical and UX levels

CTO, Neighbiz, South Africa

The team is always available to discuss issues, answer concerns, and guide us through each step

The team has delivered the app’s functionalities as well as over 60 pages of UI/UX designs. CodesOrbit provides diligent service as well as high-quality products at an outstanding value. Their frequent updates, responsiveness, and integrity make for a smooth and productive workflow

Callen Steward

CEO, Pixsle, Perrysburg, Ohio, United States

They kept providing ideas and solutions for my requirements until I was satisfied

Stakeholders are satisfied with the results of the engagement. The team’s smooth workflow was a strength, especially their responsive answers to inquiries


CEO, Alhamoor Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE

They are dedicated to being the best in their field and it shows

The app has received positive internal feedback as well as external feedback from beta testing. CodesOrbit communicates effectively to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is hard-working, knowledgeable, and easy to work with

Kiara Neilson

Manager at Skoped Industries, Utah, USA

We have very great communication and the team is flexible to changes

CodesOrbit has thus far consistently met the project goals with their quality outputs. The team shows dedication to their work and friendliness towards their client. They are also good communicators and are notably adaptive to changes during the project

Paolo Nacco

CEO at Wosido Switzerland

The team were available at any time and responded to us quickly, which was vital

Team-wide development expertise empowered CodesOrbit to deliver a fully functioning app. Communicative and responsive, CodesOrbit instituted an effortless collaboration

David Mackay

CEO Caroogle New castle, Australia


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