HIA Home: One Stop For All Your Home Maintenance Needs.

Ever Wondered how to keep your home in top shape? Meet HIA Home, the go-to Mobile App for all things home maintenance!

Get personalized maintenance reminders, expert tips, and product suggestions – all tailored to your home’s needs. With HIA Home, protect your greatest investment: Your Home!

Project Overview

Our client was a team of homeowners who understood the value of home maintenance on a routine basis but struggled to find an easy solution to keep track of what needed to be done at their homes.

That’s where CodesOrbit, the leading web, and Mobile App development company, came in and put forth our team’s expertise to tackle the core issue of home maintenance from one place while bringing the client’s idea to life!

Keeping in mind the client’s vision and leveraging the expertise of our proficient developers, we teamed up and made HIA Home! An intuitive mobile application that provides reliable and high-quality home maintenance solutions. From DIY enthusiasts to regular homeowners, the app is designed for everyone, offering personalized reminders, suggestions, and expert support!

Our Approach: Making Home Maintenance
Easy With One App!

In addition to making home maintenance super easy and smooth, our team ensures that this app makes you feel confident and capable when it comes to taking care of your home.

Tailored Tips for You

This app offers customized tips just for you! The app considers things like your home’s features, where you live, and how hands-on you want to be.

For the Weekend DIYer or the Home Pro

Whether you’re the type who likes to tinker on weekends or you’re a true home maintenance expert, our app has got you covered. We’re here to bring peace of mind to everyone.

HIA Home’s Features: Your Key to Stress-
Free Home Care

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling maintenance tasks and keeping records. With our app, you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge you need for a worry-free home.

Personalized Maintenance Schedules

No more guesswork! HIA Home creates customized maintenance schedules just for you.
We consider your specific property attributes and location to ensure you know exactly what needs attention and when. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping track of maintenance tasks!

Your Maintenance History Hub

With HIA Home, your maintenance history is at your fingertips. Easily track and record past maintenance tasks and repairs. This feature helps you stay organized and ensures you never forget what’s been done, making future maintenance a breeze.

How-To Videos

Our app offers access to a treasure trove of how-to videos and informative blogs. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting, our extensive library offers step-by-step guidance, helping you tackle home maintenance tasks with confidence.

Product Recommendations

Not sure which products to use for your home projects? HIA Home offers expert recommendations to make your life easier. We suggest products and tools tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the best results every time.

Manage Multiple Properties At a time

HIA Home isn’t limited to just one home; you can manage multiple properties with ease. Whether it’s your primary residence, a vacation home, an office space, or an investment property, our app lets you keep everything in order, all in one place!

Localized Reminders

Our App keeps you on top of your maintenance game with localized reminders. You’ll receive notifications based on your property’s location and specific needs, ensuring that your home is well taken care of, no matter where you are.

HIA Home

Programming Language
Programming Language

Protect Your Biggest Investment with Our Breakthrough App

HIA Home empowers you to protect your home’s value, safety, and comfort. Invest in routine maintenance for a secure and lasting home.

Put more money In Your Pocket

Catch issues early, before they turn into expensive problems! We offer cost-effective maintenance tips and tricks to help you avoid unnecessary bills.

Time-Saving Home Maintenance

Our app streamlines the entire home maintenance process, providing you with clear schedules and reminders, so you never miss a beat.

Home Organization Made Simple

We’re all about simplifying your life. HIA Home helps you organize your home maintenance tasks effortlessly.