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Project Overview

Managing a large-scale business without leveraging digital software or having a siloed business system can cause inefficiency and lead to a plateau effect on your business growth. Our client Ahmad Rahal was suffering a lot in his business due to a hodge-podge of disconnected functional systems causing process bottlenecks and employee productivity issues.

He then realized the advantages of consolidating separate systems into a fully integrated platform, & needed a SaaS platform to help manage his various businesses.

That’s where our mavens came into action and developed “Buro-365”- A service-based application allowing companies to offer & manage a plethora of services, clients, and finances from one place.

We Helped Our Client With Cutting-Edge
SaaS Software!

Our client needed a centralized system where he could manage offers, contracts, invoices, and much more with a few clicks. Not only this, but he also wanted to commercialize this system in the future to benefit other companies.

Our in-house team of designers, developers, and testers developed a fully integrated platform bringing everything to one place. Companies can create and manage offers and convert them into contracts and invoices with a swift QR payment system. The fully-integrated solution Buro-365 has certainly benefited our client and will also benefit others in the future.

“Research states that businesses that use fully integrated software systems have accelerated their financial-close times by up to 50%, increased sales productivity by 12.5%, and increased inventory turn by 50%, amongst other efficiencies.”

Stellar Features Of Buro-365

Buro-365, a web-based SaaS management system offering sterling features following a user-driven approach. The app comes with separate & intuitive dashboards for key stakeholders, including Companies and Super admin. It allows creating, managing, and tracking your different offer types across multiple lines of business, eliminating complex and time-consuming manual processes.

What We Have For Companies

Register your company to leverage these features for smooth operations.

Streamlined Services & Offers Management

  • Add, update or delete services across various business areas.
  • Say goodbye to the traditional offer creation & management systems with a rapid method.
  • Create or handle offers for respective services according to customer requirements.

Keep In Touch With Valuable Customers:

  • Our app allows efficient management of all the customers & their contact details from one place.
  • Send customized offers through emails, save time & effort.

Stay Secure With Signed Agreements

  • No need to draft contracts frequently. Convert offers directly into contracts with a click. In addition, you can generate new contracts as well.
  • You can also add price quotes in the agreement to generate invoices later.

Fix Tax Rates, Discounts, & Initiate Invoices

  • Add tax rates that apply to all invoices.
  • Generate Invoices of the contracts once agreed upon by the customers.
  • Effortless management of invoices leading to entrusted relationships with clients

Efficient Payment Management with Multiple Gateways

  • Go fearless with earnings. Keep track of received and pending payments.
  • Stripe integration allows companies to offer hassle-free payment options to their clients.
  • In addition, utilize the QR payment system integrated into the application to make this process even more feasible.

Take Control Of Your Workforce

  • Just a click away to see who is working with you at which position.
  • Get insight into their details in an emergency or update or delete the data if someone has left the organization.

It’s all about the SuperAdmin

The only boss of the app with access to a secret login. SA can directly log into the company account to edit their details. No worries, Buro-365 promises data confidentiality & only uses it for changing login details when requested by the company or deleting any entity prone to fraud, etc.

  • Intuitive dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of active subscribers, reports, earnings, and companies waiting to subscribe to the plan.

  • Simply manage all the registered companies. Change their status, update details or remove their access with a few taps.
  • Design or update subscription plans for companies according to their service &requirements.
  • Keep account of what you have earned, due payments, and when you have to charge them again for subscriptions.
  • Generate reports with simple & quick filters to get a brief understanding.

Buro-365, Taking Management To The Next Level

We created one of the leading SaaS software. Assisting companies in reaching out to a larger customer base with less manual effort. Whether you want to offer mobile & web development or cleaning services or are passionate about offering quality vehicle repairing services, Buro-365 is at your service. Register to efficiently manage services, offers, contracts, invoices, workforce, and much more from one place.

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