An analytics platform to sell/puchase cars based on previous data.

Easy Search

Caroogle makes browsing cars very easy and effective. It has some multiple smart filters to find a dream car quickly.

Car Evaluation

Caroogle's BI (Business Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms predict the price of a car very precisely and quickly that helps you making a smart business decision.

Price Fluctuation Analysis

Caroogle algorithms help you to understand price change trends in the market on daily basis. So you can take the best decision of finding your dream car at a reasonable price.

Geographic Stats

Provides geographic insights to help capture markets in different areas. So you can search your car in different regions according to your needs.

Business Insights

Caroogle provides insights into potential business opportunities.

Smart Notifications

Businesses can narrow down the scope of analytics and will get instant notifications about updates in the mobile app. so you can have the fastest version of this Cargoole.

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