What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligence is the most integral part of the human mind which makes them superior to every other living being on this planet. It is due to human intelligence that the idea of Artificial Intelligence came into existence. It is the training of a machine to mimic human intelligence but on a much larger scale. AI has grown to become a very significant part of modern technology.

Remember a time when the science-fiction movies depicting AI seemed like far fetched reality. Well, the future is now. Older generations seem completely lost at the idea of AI and are unable to comprehend it at the rate that it is growing. Religion enthusiasts feel threatened by the vast horizons of knowledge AI is able to decipher, it is almost as if meddling with the works of the Supreme. AI may not be received well by all right now but it is here to stay.

Mobile Applications and AI

Mobile Applications have already taken over our daily lives and there is an application available to facilitate humans at every walk of life. AI is now so well incorporated with the mobile applications available to us but we often remain unaware of its existence. We come in contact with AI so frequently and naturally that we do not acknowledge it as AI. AI incorporated with mobile applications is now a potent part of our lives that we may have forgotten what life was like before all of this wonderful technology.

Businesses are on the lookout for the best developers to produce efficient mobile applications incorporated with AI in order to be able to study customer behavior. This allows businesses to record and analyse customer preference and therefore predict behavioral patterns. Customers also feel that their needs and queries are met more efficiently and quickly. AI is able to store large amounts of data, analyse and compare the choices that can be offered to any customer. Software giants, for instance, Facebook, Amazon, Google etc. are already investing in building AI-based customer care chatbots and predicting behavioral patterns under varying circumstances. It is estimated that Artificial Intelligence will be a $38 billion dollar industry by 2025. The world of mobile applications and AI are undergoing a constant revolution to enhance the human experience.

Why is Artificial Intelligence significant in the modern technological world?

AI guarantees accuracy. Unlike human intelligence, AI is not forgetful nor overwhelmed by a high volume of data. It does not tire and its performance is not affected by emotion. AI will handle many situations without feeling emotions like anger, frustration or boredom, keeping up the quality of performance. It is able to log information without requiring a large physical space. Imagine a clothing brand keeping a track of all of their customer’s shopping history, it would fill up rooms of their storage space with registers.

It is capable of handling large amounts of data. It has the ability to deeply analyse information and arrange it based on many customisable filters. It allows users to alter variables to compare a pattern of results. AI incorporates progressive learning algorithms, which enables product and service recommendation.  These algorithms are self-learning and are able to adjust through data. This makes data the biggest intellectual property of today. While many kinds of AI is now available to businesses, it is the densest and accurate data that brings the best out of AI. AI has numerous advantageous tools that can be added to it to enhance the results such as object recognition, image classification etc.

Different types of Artificially Intelligent tools include Smart assistants, automated financial investing, virtual travel booking agent, social media monitoring, inter-team chat tool, conversational marketing bot, Natural Language Processing tools, etc. Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Apple are examples of many businesses that benefit from the many tools AI has to offer. They have Mobile Applications integrated with numerous AI tools that enable them to enhance the experience of their customers.

The future of AI and Mobile Applications

We may already have an application on our mobile phones available to us to facilitate all kinds of daily tasks. From grocery shopping to transportation, ordering food online and online, there are many options of applications to choose from. With the increased competition due to the growing number of mobile applications, software houses are constantly working hard to present their customers with the most suitable solution to their needs. Eventually, the world will move towards an even greater technological shift. mobile applications and AI will no longer be perceived as a luxury but rather it will become a need to survive in the postmodern world.

Some may argue that AI is one of the biggest accomplishments in the world of technology. However, it is slowly replacing the need for human effort and intelligence in various areas of a business. Many job opportunities now available to humans may be completely replaced by AI-based mobile applications in the near future. AI is and will continue to impact our lives.